Future Networks are going to be stronger and more efficient

June 15, 2022by admin0

Today data has turned into a staple item of everyday consumption for all of us. Requirement for fixed-line broadband connectivity and the need to have robust infrastructure in place to support it has risen all across urban and rural areas. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the digital needs of people world-over, accelerating disruptions for more efficient networks, that can easily become vehicles for numerous customer-centric services.

As experiences become more demanding of quality of service, including high-speed internet-availability, low latency and high bandwidth, telecom industry will see an array of innovative solutions and continue to develop new ways to create networks which bring in the desired throughput and quality. We’re going to have an ecosystem of many networks, wherein end-consumers would have the options to opt for the best network-experience for any use-case. They would be mighty delighted, when they would know that they can smoothly access the internet through the most efficient network, based on where they are, what applications they are going to use and what quality of service they expect.

In this optimistic scenario, every network will be judged on the basis of massive data-processing, data-scheduling, real-timeliness, security and reliability, which is why harnessing the power of AI to automatically optimize network-quality based on traffic-information becomes crucial. AI would definitely become one of the most integral layers to deliver the seamless experience. AI will greatly help us design networks with predictive network-maintenance, large-scale networking verification, effective scheduling of link-traffic, network-management, fault-detection, network-security, path-planning and many more value-adding operations.

As scale and complexity get greater in networks by the day, Polycab Telecom is continuously engaged in exploring key technologies and deploying innovations for stronger and more efficient networks.

Rahul Garg

Vice President – Marketing
Telecom Division, Polycab India Limited

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