Structured Wiring System

April 30, 2022by admin

Smart Technology is enhancing our quality of life in many more ways than one. Advent of intuitive and helpful technological solutions keeps us exited continuously. Home-amenities are being fitted with internet-based communication-technology, which has brought in automation and a centralized control of their functions. Thus, Broadband has become more and more important for Smart Homes, the new-age connected houses. While fiber-optic cables have become the prevalent medium to provide Broadband, most of our home-devices are still having electrical interfaces. Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology is being deployed frequently, but at the same time, innovations in copper-system and technologies are also being created to augment their data-transmission speed. For its cost-effectiveness and easier manageability, copper-based cabling and network is still being deployed in Smart Homes. So, equipping homes with a hybrid of networking solutions and preciseblending of conventional copper wiring and fiber-optic cabling is the trend. But, the increasing number of connected devices, like TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, smartphones, ACs and smartwatches, take a toll on network and consume bandwidth, creating hindrances for the functionality and reliability of Smart Homes. Structured Wiring is the answer to the problem. These connected homes exemplify a unified environment of a whole lot of devices and amenities. Structured wiring provides signals for all the data and power-applications within these homes from a centralized point. A common structured wiring plan consists of co-axial cables, several fiber-optic cables and lots of Ethernet cables like Cat5e, Cat6, Cat 6a etc. In Smart Homes, we’re going to see a lot of grouping and re-grouping of existing devices. Networks are going to receive and distribute an unimaginable data-load on their physical infrastructure, which is why a strategically designed wiring plan is a must in these houses. Structured wiring can be done in every room and terminated with differently-needed wall plates and ports for easy plug-and-play connection to the home-network.

Polycab Telecom designs, supplies, installs and tests Copper Cabling System, Optical Fiber Cables (OFC) System and Hybrid Cables for Smart Home Applications.