Cities around the world are revisiting the fundamentals, after being hit by an unprecedented global pandemic. More preparedness for any health-crisis or pandemic has gained increased focus in the concept of a Smart City now. The transformation has started to create urban solutions that minimize the susceptibilities of a Smart City to known or unknown disasters. While disaster mitigation programmes of Smart Cities had only considered natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, volcanic eruptions etc. in their ambit thus far, a detailed reconsideration of risks pertaining to sudden breakout of epidemics and pandemics such as COVID-19, is high on agenda now to measure the readiness of these cities in the face of crisis. A robust and scalable digital infrastructure is a must, which provides a more equitable digital environment for societies in Smart Cities. Every resident must have access to high-speed internet services and affordable devices. The adoption of public Wi-Fi hotspots, strategically placed throughout these cities, can offer reliable internet-services to all residents. Working beyond digital silos, a Smart City will have to be modelled as a complete system, with a full optimization of data-value. Centralized Monitoring and Control Centres (CCCs) will act as a point of data-integration and surveillance. Cities will have to be their adaptable-best in planning to incorporate every section of society’s concerns and well-being. A better-connected infrastructure will ensure better allocation of resources, delivery of essential services and greater information to thedecision-makers. Touchless delivery of goods and food-items, smart supply-chain set-up, wireless supervision public violations, touch-free diagnosis of patients, touch-free sanitation and waste management, public dashboard of information, access to health-alerts, vaccinations, hospital-beds, with data on pollution, rainfall, congestion etc. will define the post-pandemic Smart Cities in essence.

Being deeply committed to ingrain Smart Connections in every aspect of life, Polycab Telecom provides sustainable Smart City-solutions as one of its prime digital-infra offerings, through a seamless fusion of strategy, design & technology.