Safe City: A connected and people-centric approach to safety and security

October 3, 2023by admin

As per the United Nations estimates, the world’s population will reach to over 9.7 billion by 2050. Social and urban transformation is bound to happen in many forms and shapes. Cities are going to be exposed to many kinds of security-threats. Safe City has to play a highly effective operating model for cities to ensure public safety and protection of the residents. A Safe City exemplifies centrality of safety and security in our lives. Safe City is nothing but a built environment which ensures safe life for the people through intelligent surveillance infrastructure and monitoring, enabling automated exchange of relevant information between police, prisons, traffic, fire and emergency services. Organized and combined data becomes an efficient tool for pro-active identification and timely resolution of civilian problems. Efficient collation of data-streams from audio, video, mapping and other relevant systems onto a single solution, provides crucial information about the city, with multiple data-points giving the possibility of further threats in different incidents. Evidence-collection, incident-prevention and emergency response go a long way in empowering public safety strategy and policing system. Installation of various surveillance field-devices like CCTVs, PTZ Cameras, Message Signboards, Video Surveillance and Automatic License Plate Recognition Cameras and city-wide Sensors, bolstered with AI-empowered face-detection, traffic-monitoring with vehicle-speed detection and integration with a centralized data-base through network-connectivity, strengthens a Safe City’s law enforcement system. Emergency & Response Management System, Crowd Management System and Mobile App for citizens to report incidents and share information enable the city administration to quickly respond to potential threats in the city.

Being deeply committed to ingrain Smart Connections in every aspect of life, Polycab Telecom, a division of Polycab India Ltd., provides sustainable Safe City solutions, as one of its prime digital-infra offerings, through a seamless fusion of strategy, design & technology.