Smart Homes: Minimized human control, but improved occupant-experiences

June 30, 2023by admin

Smart Homes embody primacy of homes in our lives. Signifying people-centric environment, these new-era homes individualize our physical space, enable our control on living and working, expect our requirements, monitor our health and help us conserve energy big-time. An array of IoT-devices, sensors, actuators, interfaces, monitors and several appliances continually communicate with each other, on a collective network to facilitate the automation and local or remote control of the domestic environment through mobile phones or solutions packed somewhere in Clouds. As a concept, a Smart Home minimizes its residents’ involvement in monitoring home-settings and controlling home-appliances. Right implementation of technologies hinges on data-communication. All of the devices, networked collectively, within a network must seamlessly connect the occupants to the building. IoT-based devices connect appliances, switches and gadgets to a central hub, supporting the daily lives of residents in terms of various facilities, energy-management, security, monitoring and detecting incidents. In coming days, the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, 5G and emerging technologies is going to create new data-points for the designers of Smart Homes, facilitating them to deliver out-of-the-world living and working experiences for occupants.

Some of the popular Smart Home devices used in India include a number of connected devices, like smart lighting systems, smart TVs, smart door-locks, security cameras, smart speakers, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, smartphones, ACs and smart watches. Presently, there are nearly 13 million Smart Homes in India and a further 12.84% penetration is expected in the country by 2025. A mediocre integration due to the lack of common interoperability standards, glitches in network-connectivity and an inefficient harmonization of devices sum up the challenges in the industry.

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