Smart City: Strong, Ultra-reliable and scalable network is integral

June 17, 2023by admin

Smart Cities represent technology’s indelible imprint on the urban environment. As a great mechanism to use urban assets and resources and simplify normal course of business and life, Smart Cities bring in a decent quality of life for their residents. Effectivity and sustainability of a Smart City hinges on the accuracy of the accumulated data and the use of that data for the proper flow of information in different directions, which is why a high-speed communication network is integral to the concept. Based on grouping and re-grouping of devices to have flowing real-time information, a Smart City needs efficient data-network, with a strong physical infrastructure. Each Smart City has some fundamental facets like water-supply, traffic systems, crime-detection, hospitals, power-supply and many others, enabling the local governments to manage and deliver services more efficiently with regular monitoring and real-time execution, by harnessing the data from sensors and interconnected systems. As a technology-based concept, Smart Cities signify integration of IoT and other technologies in a compatible way, that is designed to solve some of our most challenging and pervasive urban infrastructure problems. Real-time data gives agencies the ability to watch events as they happen and respond to them with quick and apt solutions. Data is stored, compared and assessed to derive decisions. Different applications merge data from multiple sources to give a broader description of cities and help in creating different facilities for the citizens. For all of this, vast amounts of data are generated, which can only be handled by highly reliable and high-performance connectivity-networks. These networks must carry the scalability to meet future requirements.

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